Christ and the Church in an allegory

Since I use a lot of colors in these two blogs I’ve decided not to re-post them here where I would have to reformat them first. Instead, I am just going to post links to them.

All Blessings in Christ!


06/15/13: Well, now MySpace has gone and done it. It appears they have deleted all blogs. So the links above will not longer take you to those blogs. As soon as I can get them formatted and posted here I will provide new links.

04/10/16: I had forgotten all about this. I have re-posted one of the articles here:

A look at Cain, Abel and Seth in Relation to Christ and the Church


About Christine

My name is Christine and since my favorite past-time, the one that I find the most fulfilling, is studying the scriptures and seeking to know and understand "the deep things of God", I have created this blog as a place to not only post my own bible studies but as a way to connect with others who are are also seeking the Lord and the Truth. I've posted some of my studies on other websites and haven't yet decided if I will post them here, as well, or if I will just post future blogs/studies here. We'll see. Thanks for stopping by and please do so again... maybe after I get something posted. :) ALL BLESSINGS IN CHRIST!!
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